Three Men Arrested After Stealing $100,000 Worth Of VIP Tickets For Peach Fest

first_imgThis year’s The Peach Music Festival may not have gone quite as smoothly, were it not for the local law enforcement in Moosic, PA. Three individuals who tried to swipe VIP passes worth over $100,000 in value were caught, and subsequently arrested, by the Moosic Police.While many choose to camp out at Montage Mountain, the site of Peach Fest, others chose to stay at the nearby Holiday Inn. In one such room, Peach Fest staff were assigned to hand out VIP credential bracelets to performers and their crews. While two of the three thieves distracted the woman handing out the bracelets, the third ran in and stole a packet with dozens of them inside. The three men, David Stone, Kiel Sheppard and Miguel Vergara, were later caught on the festival grounds and subsequently arrested. Authorities said that the men were wearing the stolen festival bracelets inside the venue. If you’re going to steal tickets to a festival, it’s probably best to not get high on your own supply.[H/T WNEP – ABC 16]last_img read more

Chance The Rapper Announces Major North American Tour

first_imgHot on the heels of his recent Grammy victories, the beloved Chance The Rapper has announced plans to hit the road for a major tour through the US and Canada. Chance has received critical acclaim for his 2016 album Coloring Book, propelling him and his soulful music into the public eye.The new tour announcement starts on April 24th in San Diego, CA, running through the month of May and ending on June 17th in Dover, DE. The dates include stops at festivals like Hangout Fest, Sasquatch, Boston Calling, Governors Ball, Bonnaroo and Firefly, to name a few. He’ll also be performing at the renowned Hollywood Bowl, but not until October.Tickets for all of Chance’s headlining shows go on sale at 7PM Eastern tonight, and details can be found on his website. See the full schedule below.last_img read more

Fee statements about to be mailed

first_imgFee statements about to be mailed Fee statements about to be mailed Mark D. Killian Managing Editor Florida Bar members soon will receive their 2002-03 fee statements, reflecting no increase in annual fees and only minor modifications to the form.Bar Finance Director Allen Martin said the fees are payable July 1 and are late after August 15.Members will receive one of two fee statements: one designed for active members and another for those who have elected inactive status. Annual fees are $265. Inactive members pay $175. Dignity in Law Members also have an option to make a voluntary contribution to a number of law-related programs, including the Bar’s new public education and awareness program titled “Dignity in Law.”The initiative seeks to communicate the positive work of attorneys across Florida, according to President-elect Tod Aronovitz, and will be one of the key goals of his administration, which begins in July.“Every member of the Bar needs to embrace this important effort if we are to succeed,” Aronovitz said. “Only a truly united front can demonstrate the positive and fundamental role that the legal profession plays as a basic element of our society and our democracy. You can help by adding in the $45 suggested contribution to The Florida Bar’s Dignity in Law program.”Aronovitz said the campaign will employ new communications techniques to inform the public about the profession’s successes through the eyes of those lawyers help.“communicating our positive stories to editors, reporters, and directly to the public, The Florida Bar’s awareness initiatives will differ dramatically from past efforts, which focused on advertising,” Aronovitz said. “We will build an arsenal of media materials, a news bureau of information about the profession, and a response team to combat inaccurate media coverage. Our goal is to become the information source for positive news about the profession.”Lawyers also will have an opportunity to contribute to the Attorney’s Charitable Trust, a permanent fund offering lawyers an avenue for donations to provide aid and assistance following disasters that cause the disruption of legal processes and court systems or that result in reduced citizen access to the legal system. ACT will help fellow lawyers as well as victims and their families in the aftermath of a disaster, said President Terry Russell.“Our efforts on behalf of this new not-for-profit organization could not have greater importance in this day and time,” Russell said. “Inspired by the tragic events of September 11, and the memory of Florida disasters such as Hurricane Andrew and the Everglades ValueJet crash, ACT will serve to reaffirm the commitment of the Bar to its members and to public service.”The fee statement also allows members to make donations to the Florida Bar Foundation’s Lawyers Challenge for Children campaign and the Supreme Court Historical Society. Members also will have the option to complete their annual fee statement and pay their fees online via the Bar’s Web site at “Members should be aware that the fee statements are two-sided and must be completed both front and back and be mailed along with their payment to cover their fees and sections joined,” Martin said.Under the Rules Regulating The Florida Bar, fees postmarked after August 15 will be assessed a $50 late fee. Members who do not pay by September 30 will be deemed delinquent. The delinquency may be cleared by petitioning the Bar, paying the fees, the late fee, and a $150 reinstatement fee.Under the Rules Regulating The Florida Bar, members delinquent for five years will lose their Bar membership on October 1. To be reinstated, those members must meet all the requirements of the Florida Board of Bar Examiners. Pro Bono Reports This year’s fee form again includes a pro bono section for Bar members to report if they have met the Supreme Court’s aspirational pro bono goals. The court asks lawyers to provide 20 hours of pro bono service or donate $350 to a legal aid program each year.A series of questions promulgated by the court appears on the fee statement, depending on what option the attorney selected. The court wants to know:• How many hours of pro bono service the lawyer donated and if the work was done through an organized legal aid program or on the lawyer’s own.• If the lawyer’s firm provided pro bono collectively under a plan operated by a circuit pro bono committee, with an indication of how much was allocated to the member.• If the lawyer has contributed to a legal aid organization in lieu of performing pro bono work.• Whether the attorney was unable to provide pro bono service or met the provision for being deferred.• How the lawyer fulfilled his or her service if done in some manner not specifically envisioned by the plan.The details of the pro bono plan, including the reporting provisions, can be found under Rule 4-6.5 beginning on page 752 of the September 2001 Bar Journal directory. Community Service This year’s fee statement again features a purely voluntary section that allows members to report the community and public service they have performed over the past year. The purpose is to obtain data to show contributions lawyers make by way of community service. Lawyers may voluntarily report whether they have provided service to the legal community, religious organizations, civic organizations, or other charities and how many hours they donated.The community service questions are separate from the court’s pro bono reporting requirements, and answering these questions does not constitute compliance with the required pro bono responses. Trust Accounting The statement also requires that all lawyers indicate whether they comply with the Bar’s trust accounting requirements and the interest on trust accounts rule.answering the trust accounting question online, members certify they comply with Bar rules that mandate, “All nominal and short-term funds belonging to clients or third persons which are placed in trust with any member of The Florida Bar practicing from an office or other business location within the State of Florida shall be deposited in one or more interest-bearing trust checking accounts in an eligible financial institution for the benefit of the Foundation.”The Florida Bar Foundation may be contacted at (800) 541-2195 (for in-state members only) or (407) 843-0045 to answer IOTA questions. Installments Members who meet eligibility requirements may pay their annual fees in three equal installments. The first payment must be postmarked by August 15. To be eligible, members must be in the second or third year since admission to the Bar or be employed by a government agency in a nonelected position that requires the individual to maintain membership in good standing with the Bar. Only annual fees or prorated fees may be paid in installments. Section dues must be paid in full.The three payments must be postmarked by August 15, November 1, and February 1, 2003. The Bar will send statements for the second and third installments. A $50 late fee will be assessed if any payment is received late. For more information on paying in installments, see Rule 1-7.3(c). Other Options Bar members also may join sections and the Out-of-State Practitioners Division using the fee form. Sections marked show the attorney’s current membership. To join other sections, members may darken the circles next to the section they want to join and include the section dues with their membership fees.The fee statement also provides lawyers the opportunity to reduce their section dues by joining combinations of the Government Lawyer Section with the Administrative Law Section and/or the Criminal Law Section or the Administrative Law Section and the Criminal Law Section.Members also may opt for inactive membership by marking the inactive status proclamation located near the bottom of the front page of the active membership statement and paying their fees by a postmark date of August 15. Active members may not elect inactive status online.Those who chose inactive status on last year’s statement will receive an inactive membership fee statement this year. It has many of the same features as the active membership fee statement, but does not allow the inactive member to join sections. Inactive members, however, can become affiliate members of the Out-of-State Practitioners Division or the Administrative Law, Entertainment, Arts and Sports Law, Environmental and Land Use Law, and Tax Law sections.choosing inactive status, Bar members will reduce their annual fees by $90 and get automatic exemptions from continuing legal education requirements. They will, however, also give up a number of privileges, including the privilege to practice or advise on Florida law or hold a job that requires a Florida law license; to participate in the Bar’s certification program; to vote in Bar elections or be counted for purposes of apportionment of the Board of Governors; and to receive Bar publications, including the Journal and annual directory. Inactive members do continue to receive the Bar News. Inactive members who wish to become active again must call the Bar’s Membership Records Department at (850) 561-5832 or (800) 561-8060, ext. 5832.center_img May 15, 2002 Managing Editor Regular Newslast_img read more

Long Island Muslim PAC Seeks to Support Friendly Candidates

first_imgMuslim PAC USA has been in existence for about a month. It’s goal, according to the PAC’s president Aamir Sultan, is two-pronged. Like any political action committee, the group will donate to campaigns of politicians dedicated to its cause. In this case, those include candidates who are willing to publicly support Muslim Americans and promote tolerance.Its long-term goals are more ambitious. The PAC hopes to see more Muslim Americans run for office, so the voice of a much-maligned minority community can be heard.The PAC will ask those seeking elected office “how they support the Muslim community and what have they done in the past and…are they willing to come out in public and talk about Islamophobia and anti-Islam sentiment,” Sultan told the Press.Sultan, who has his own IT firm and is on Suffolk County’s Asian American Advisory Board, said it’s important elected officials confront Islamophobia.“Just like any other minority, all of them have gone through this rhetoric and the phobias and bigotry and all that—now it’s our turn as Muslims,” he said. “So we just have to get proactive.”“It’s just now the numbers are increasing and we are becoming more visible in society,” he added. “We just have to follow suit what previous minorities did—the Jews, the Irish, the Italians, they all faced these things.”Sultan, who lives in Dix Hills, got to know Ramos after he started doing multicultural work with the assemblyman, he said.“Then this whole Trump thing started,” he added, referring to GOP hopeful Donald Trump, who has called for a ban on all Muslims from entering the US “until our country’s representatives can figure out what is going on.”Trump’s remarks came after 14 people were killed and nearly two-dozen were injured in the San Bernardino shooting in early December, and a month after shootings and explosions left 130 dead in Paris.Muslim Americans around the world have condemned those and other atrocities, saying such bloodshed is anathema to their religion. But their denunciations, they say, often receive little media attention.During his first visit to a US mosque since entering the White House, President Obama on Wednesday noted that most Americans’ view of Muslims is shaped by media—in news and entertainment, lamenting how most Muslims in TV or film are more likely than not to be depicted through the lens of national security.The uptick in anti-Islamic rhetoric has also come with an increase of attacks on Muslim communities. Men and women have been threatened or attacked in recent months, mosques have been vandalized, and Korans have been defiled and their pages riddled with bullets. Muslim Americans have told the Press that Islamophobia is worse now than it was directly after the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks. Their anecdotes appear to be supported by statistics. In 2014, hate crimes fell in every category, except those against Muslims—which spiked nearly 14 percent.“Given the barbaric Islamic State attacks in Paris last week and elsewhere recently, that latter trend seems destined to accelerate,” the Southern Poverty Law Center wrote last November.Although most anti-Muslim remarks have come from Republicans, Sultan said Muslim PAC USA would donate to any candidate who supports its cause.Still, he admitted, Democrats, not Republicans, have been the most outspoken defenders of the community in recent months.Sultan, who came to Long Island in 1990, thinks Muslims should seize the opportunity and become more engaged in their communities and in politics.“It’s become real vital,” he said. “Now we have to be in active mode as opposed to passive mode.”For now, the group will focus on local elections, whether its local town councils, Nassau and Suffolk legislatures or state offices.PACs can only donate up to $5,000 to a candidate’s election committee, unlike post-Citizens United Super PACs which can spend unlimited sums of money on behalf of a candidate but are prohibited from working directly with their campaign.In the coming weeks Muslim PAC USA will vet potential candidates and see where they stand on the issues. Sultan is hopeful.“I think that mold has been broken, of politicians not being able to speak up for Muslims,” he said. Sign up for our COVID-19 newsletter to stay up-to-date on the latest coronavirus news throughout New York For years, Muslim Americans have spoken in hopeful terms about stepping out of the shadows, interacting more with neighbors, extending a helping hand and, perhaps more daunting, getting involved in the political process. While the wheels of progress have laboriously been churning, it seems anti-Islam rhetoric has accelerated their pursuit of inclusivity.On Saturday, several elected officials will join members of the Muslim American community for Long Island-based Muslim Political Action Committee USA’s inaugural fundraiser. The honoree that evening will be New York State Assemb. Phil Ramos (D-Brentwood), who has recently spoken up emphatically about protecting the rights of Muslim Americans in the face of attacks—from pundits and politicians, and from those have shouted bigoted remarks or vandalized mosques.last_img read more

Fraudsters, be very afraid

first_img 36SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr The fraud-fighting dream team of the future likely includes machines and humans. Picture this: your credit union’s fraud prevention system flags a series of transactions as high risk. The transactions, however, are for gas and groceries. Seems fairly normal, right? The system may have gotten it wrong. Upon closer inspection from a team of data scientists and analysts, though, you discover the fraud was all too real.What gives machines + humans true dream-team potential is the unique skillsets they each bring to the table. Machines can be fully automated to perform complex tasks and predict behavior – eliminating the need for costly, time-consuming manual reviews. This is what is known as machine learning. Humans can then further analyze the machine outputs in light of their experiences with the wider fraud environment.In true futuristic fashion, machine learning involves teaching computers to think for themselves. The computers identify patterns, solve problems and respond as programmed for certain scenarios. “The precise nature of machine learning helps ensure fraud detection is highly accurate,” said Ashley McAlpine, fraud prevention manager at CO-OP Financial Services. “Combined with a human review, flagged transactions can be quickly verified as fraudulent or not.” continue reading »last_img read more

BC Sheriff’s Office asks public to help identify suspect responsible for Maple Street crash

first_img(WBNG) — The Broome County Sheriff’s Office is asking the public for assistance with its investigation into a car vs home crash that occurred Sunday evening. The sheriff’s office says a Ford Focus was taken from 117 Fillmore Ave. in Endicott “without the owner’s consent.” They say the driver of the Ford traveled at a “high rate of speed” before crashing into a home on Maple Street. They say the driver of the Ford fled the scene. No one in the residence on Maple Street was hurt, authorities say. Those with information about the person who took the vehicle are asked to contact the Broome County Sheriff’s Office.last_img

Government expands wage subsidy to include 3 million furloughed, reduced pay workers

first_imgEligible recipients will receive a total wage subsidy of Rp 2.4 million starting in September, disbursed in installments of Rp 1.2 million every two months to cover a total period of four months.“There was an [uncovered] group, namely workers who have not been laid off but have been furloughed or [have had] pay cuts because their employers are facing difficulties. They need assistance,” Budi Gunadi Sadikin, who heads the national economic recovery task force, said in a virtual press conference on Monday.The wage subsidy program was initially launched on Aug. 4 after Indonesia recorded an economic contraction of 5.32 percent year-on-year (yoy) in the second quarter as household consumption and investment shrank.The government has allocated Rp 695.2 trillion in stimulus funding to minimize the economic impacts of the health crisis. But it has spent only 21.7 percent of the budget as of Aug. 6, at a time when when accelerated spending was needed most. A week after it launched the COVID-19 wage subsidy program, the government announced on Monday that it had increased the scheme to cover a total of 15.7 million workers to spur household consumption and prevent the economy from slipping further.From its initial target of 13 million workers, the government increased the number of targeted recipients by an additional 2.7 million workers to help boost their purchasing power. The government also increased the budget for the program by 13.9 percent to Rp 37.7 trillion to cover the expansion in targeted recipients.Those people eligible for the wage subsidy are workers who earn less than Rp 5 million (US$339.25) per month and are active members of the Workers Social Security Agency (BPJS Ketenagakerjaan) as of June 30. Budi said the expanded scheme was meant to fill the gap left by the existing safety net programs: The Family Hope Program (PKH), the Staple Food Card and the preemployment card social assistance programs have a combined budget of almost Rp 50 trillion and together cover around 29 million eligible households.BPJS Ketenagakerjaan director Agus Susanto of said that the agency had collated the names and addresses of the eligible recipients in its database. But the available data did not include the recipients’ bank account information, which was needed for the government to disburse the wage subsidy as direct transfers.“Hence, on Saturday we notified their employers to complete the bank account data for their workers [with] wages below Rp 5 million [to correspond] with the data they reported to BPJS Ketenagakerjaan,” he said.The wage subsidy program applied to eligible recipients of all occupations, said Manpower Minister Ida Fauziyah.Ida added that the government was involving law enforcement agencies, including the National Police, the Attorney General’s Office, the Supreme Audit Agency (BPK), the Development Finance Comptroller (BPKP) and the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) to prevent any irregularities and ensure that the program was administered well.“This is to ensure that we, as users of the state budget, deliver the program to the correct target. We will [transfer] the money directly to the recipients’ bank accounts. So it will not go anywhere [else],” said the minister.As of May, 3 million Indonesians have been either jobless or unable to work as a result of the health crisis, which has brought the economy to a virtual standstill. With a possible recession pending third-quarter growth, the government has projected 5 million job losses this year.Topics :last_img read more

Cannabis referendum: A few puffs of cannabis led our son to drug addiction

first_imgStuff 31 July 2020Family First Comment: This is a must read – based on facts and experience, not ideology and drug advocacy!!“Despite what some would have you believe, cannabis is not a harmless recreational drug. It can introduce the user to far more potent drugs. We know this only too well and we write from personal experience. Our son’s tragic end began with a few innocent puffs of cannabis while at high school. His casual puff grew into an addiction and he was expelled from sixth form college for the use of illicit substances. He then spent his days walking the streets of our local town, at one time being unwilling to speak to, or even meet us – his parents. During this period he progressed from cannabis to ecstasy, cocaine, LSD, heroin and more. You name it, he’d tried it… Eventually he came to his senses, came to us for help and we put him through an expensive rehabilitation course at one of the renowned priory clinics in the UK. After completing this course, he remained clean for many years, but sadly we learned that you never can be confident that the habit has been beaten… We urge you, indeed we beg you to vote no to cannabis legalisation, if not for your own sake, for that of others. If you already are a user, we urge you to stop now. And if you’re not a user, please, please don’t even try a few experimental puffs. It can be a slippery slope once you are on it.”OPINION: Despite what some would have you believe, cannabis is not a harmless recreational drug. It can introduce the user to far more potent drugs. We know this only too well and we write from personal experience.Death. It’s a horrible word, isn’t it? Think about it – the curtain falling at the end of a show. It’s all over. The unnecessary and premature end of a potentially long and fulfilling life.Neither of us are ones to weep, but my wife and I each spent a sleepless night, lying in bed weeping after we received a life-shattering telephone call from a police officer in England.The poor man had the unwanted task of telling us that at 5:30 that morning, a cleaner had found the body of our 25-year-old son where he had died on the floor of a restaurant toilet in Hong Kong.We wept again at our son’s cremation service in England.In your heart, would you really want to increase the chance of your children or grandchildren being at even the slightest risk of such a cold and lonely death? Most children look to their parents as role models and think, quite understandably, “If Mum and Dad do it, then it must be OK”.Our son’s tragic end began with a few innocent puffs of cannabis while at high school. His casual puff grew into an addiction and he was expelled from sixth form college for the use of illicit substances.You learn to live with your loss (eventually) but you never forget, and not a day passes without each of us remembering and thinking of our ‘lost’ son.We urge you, indeed we beg you to vote no to cannabis legalisation, if not for your own sake, for that of others. If you already are a user, we urge you to stop now. And if you’re not a user, please, please don’t even try a few experimental puffs. It can be a slippery slope once you are on it.READ MORE: read more

DCSL continues to place strong empahsis on education

first_imgEducationLocalNewsPrimarySecondary DCSL continues to place strong empahsis on education by: – August 15, 2011 51 Views   no discussions Share Share Tweetcenter_img Share Sharing is caring! Tamika Jno.Baptiste receiving stationary from Mr. Cletus Joseph, President of DCSLThe Dominica Co-operative Societies League Ltd (DCSL) continues to place emphasis on education and has awarded two deserving students with full scholarships to attend secondary school.Tamika Jno. Baptiste of the Morne Jaune Primary School was awarded the scholarship based on need whilst Darlon Riviere of the St. Mary’s Primary School based on merit at a press conference this morning.This scholarship inlcudes a cheque in the amount $767.48 each, school fees, textbooks and stationary, a uniform allowance of $250.00 in the 1st and 3nd year as well as all examination fees.The scholarship based on merit was named after a credit union pioneer Mr. Geoffrey Robinson and the other based on need named the sister Alicia Jubilee Scholarship after Sister Alicia who founded the Credit Union Movement in Dominica.Mr. Cletus Joseph the newly elected President of the DCSL noted that not only is the the Credit Union Movement interested in the development of its members, it is also very interested in development of member’s children.He also highlighted the significant contribution that the DCSL has been making towards education.“The Movement as of December 31st, 2010 had eighty full time scholarships in existence and that cost the movement in excess of eighty thousand dollars for that year. This is the significance of the contribution of the Credit Union Movement in Dominica and at this time to continue to make scholarship awards to students it is something that we give serious consideration, but the needs of our members come before and we decided that before anything else we can make that investment there.”Darlon Riviere receiving stationary from Mr. Cletus Joseph, President of DCSL.Mr. Joseph also advised  parents of their responsibility to ensure that their children attend school and complete all assignments.“Parents you have a responsibility and I say it is a serious responsibility to ensure that your children do what they have to do at school, ensure that they attend school, ensure that they do their homework, assignments, and more which will help them to develop as individuals which is very important,” he said.Dominica Co-operative Societies League Ltd began its scholarship programme twenty five years ago in 1986, and has awarded twenty-five Geoffrey Robinson Scholarships based on merit and eighteen full Sister Alicia Jubilee Scholarship based on need.Dominica Vibes Newslast_img read more

Cabaye: Remy the man for France

first_img Press Association He told nufcTV: “He’s scored important goals – twice again [on Saturday] – and he helped us to win the game, so of course he deserves to be in the France squad. “For me, it’s fantastic because I love to play forward and with him. It’s so easy because he’s quick. “He can move very fast and very cleverly, so it’s very, very important for us. He gives us another way to play.” France will head into the clash with Finland level on points with Group I leaders Spain, but having played a game more, and needing an unlikely favour from either Belarus or Georgia if they are to qualify automatically. However, at worst, the French will go into the play-offs and have a second chance to ensure their presence in Brazil next summer. Cabaye said: “It’s going to be very important because the World Cup is not far now. “We have to play the last qualifying game. We are sure of the play-offs now, but we never know and we are going to have to beat Finland at home and wish for something. “Now it’s going to be very important to play well with Newcastle from the next game until the end to hopefully be in the squad for the World Cup.” Newcastle midfielder Yohan Cabaye has urged team-mate Loic Remy to take his club form on to the international stage to help secure them a trip to the World Cup finals.center_img Remy’s return of five goals in three appearances for the Magpies, whom he joined on a season-long loan deal from QPR during the summer, has propelled him back into the France squad for Friday’s friendly against Australia and the World Cup qualifier with Finland four days later. Cabaye, who is also back in the international fold after injury and his self-imposed exile from the Newcastle team, believes his compatriot’s form has justified his inclusion after seeing him contribute a match-winning double at Cardiff on Saturday. last_img read more