Ensuring Public Safety by Wendy McNamara

first_img Supporting public safety is among my top priorities. That’s why this legislative session, I voted in favor of new laws increasing safety on our roadways and protecting our communities, including:Keeping our Roads Safe: A new law cracking down on those who consistently drive under the influence will make our roads safer. Suspended drivers under Indiana’s habitual traffic violator laws will receive a stricter punishment if they flee the scene of an accident or kill someone due to their reckless behavior behind the wheel.Protecting Hoosier Communities: A new law aims to keep those who repeatedly violate their probation or community supervision off the streets. Low-level offenders receiving services like addiction treatment can now be committed to the Department of Correction if they don’t adhere to their probation, parole or community corrections.Addressing Serious Crime: A new law increases penalties for meth cooks and heroin dealers and allows for more reporting of drug-related felonies to a national database. It also addresses those who act violently toward pregnant women or put children in harm’s way.You deserve to be safe from those who display criminal behaviors and can be a threat to the public.FacebookTwitterCopy LinkEmailSharelast_img

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