Chinchilla Warns that Central America Is Losing Battle Against Drugs

first_imgBy Dialogo November 21, 2011 Costa Rican President Laura Chinchilla warned that Central America is losing the battle against drug trafficking, speaking in an interview with the Spanish daily El País, in which she urged for a “more global approach” against this plague, because otherwise, “we’re not going to defeat it.” “If you ask a Colombian, he’ll tell you that ‘we’re winning.’ A Mexican will tell you, ‘we’re losing.’ And if you ask us Central Americans, we’re losing, because even if we celebrate Colombia’s great triumphs, that only means that drug trafficking has shifted its location,” Chinchilla warned during the interview. For Chinchilla, who has made security one of the priorities of her presidency, drug trafficking should be a “priority” for multilateral organizations, “in the same way that this was done with terrorism.” She also called for an “in-depth review” of current policies in the fight, because “many of them” have “failed.” Since Costa Rica does not have an army, having abolished it in 1948, the president, a specialist in security issues, said that the battle has to be won against drug trafficking “with intelligence, with information and prevention.” “It’s not only adding more resources, but it’s how we confront the problem,” she said, recalling that although the drugs travel from south to north, the reagents used in their manufacture and the weapons for which they are traded move from north to south.last_img

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