Supreme Court puts interactive docket on its Web site

first_imgThere is one feature that lawyers, litigants, and journalists alike have repeatedly asked the Florida Supreme Court to add to its Web site — an interactive on-line docket that provides day-to-day information about cases pending before the state’s highest court.This month, the court began a 90-day test run of just such an on-line docket. It will be updated twice daily at 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. and will let people learn the status of cases, when documents were filed, and other basic filing information.“We invite the legal community, the media, and the public to try this new system and let us know how well it meets their needs,” said Justice Barbara J. Pariente, the court’s technology liaison. “This is part of our ongoing effort to make our courts more accessible to the people we serve.”The new on-line docket is free of charge and can be reached from the court’s duplicate Web sites at or by following either the Supreme Court Clerk’s Office or Supreme Court Press Page links. It will be most useful for those trying to confirm that a case is pending before the Supreme Court, when documents were filed, and whether the case has been finalized. Users also can search for cases by using Supreme Court or lower court case numbers, the names of attorneys or their clients, or the date a case was filed.The on-line docket will not include links to documents or other material in court records, because most of these are not currently in formats that can be displayed on the Web. However, most documents of public interest remain available via the Supreme Court Press Page link under a program first launched in 1996, when the court began using the Web to distribute documents inexpensively via the Internet. Merits briefs, opinions, and disposition orders remain available in their current locations on the website.“Florida was a pioneer in distributing information to the public at little cost on the Internet,” Justice Pariente said. “Over the years, hundreds of millions of documents that previously cost $1 per page have been distributed for free this way. We are very pleased to continue expanding this service.”Comments about the new system can be directed to the court’s public information office at [email protected] or to the Clerk’s Office at [email protected] org. October 15, 2002 Regular News Supreme Court puts interactive docket on its Web sitecenter_img Supreme Court puts interactive docket on its Web sitelast_img

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