UK to introduce porn ID checks by April 2018

first_imgNZ Herald 18 July 2017The UK government will introduce compulsory identification checks by April next year to ensure those viewing pornography online are over age 18.UK Digital Minister Matt Hancock signed the commencement of the Digital Economy Act on Monday which will eventually ensure those who cannot “normally” access porn are unable to do so online.It will mean ID checks for viewers and includes provisions for fines of more than $400,000 or five per cent of their turnover for providers. The act will also punish bots used to snap up and resell concert tickets and raise the penalty for online piracy from two to 10 years.However it’s not yet known how the scheme will work in practice. One suggestion includes making users input credit card details before granting access. Another earlier suggestion included screening users via the electoral roll.The move is designed to stop children accessing pornography inadvertently. A Net Children Go Mobile report said nearly 20 per cent of 9-16 year olds in the UK had been exposed to sexual images online.READ MORE:   Age checks to be required for pornography sites in UKNewsHub 18 July 2017Netsafe says no such age checking systems are used in New Zealand, leaving under-18 Kiwis at risk of being exposed to pornography accidently or purposely.They have a number of tips for parents worried about their children being exposed to such content:Install family friendly programs or filters that block out explicit materialBeing interested in what children are searching online and communicating openlyFind support around what parents can do and psychological agencies they can turn to if their child is exposed.READ MORE:

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