Dr. Valda Henry warns that parents should hold their children accountable.

first_img Sharing is caring! 27 Views   no discussions LocalNews Dr. Valda Henry warns that parents should hold their children accountable. by: – July 20, 2011 Share Sharecenter_img Dr. Valda Henry, Chief Executive Officer of VF Inc addressing a press conference earlier this week.The Chief Executive Officer of VF Inc and organizer of the Youth Summer Series 2011 warned that parents should hold their children accountable and give them boundaries.Dr. Henry was at the time addressing a press conference to launch the Youth Summer 2011 Series at the Garraway Hotel earlier this week.“I don’t think that we hold our children to account enough and that is what it is. We do not hold them to account and we do not give them boundaries. It is ok to be viewed as old fashion, I do not have any difficulty with that, she said.Dr. Henry explained that the family structure has a major role to play in maintaining social coherence.“I have often said that the family is where it starts, and so a lot of the things in society I often say if we trace it right back we come to weak family structures. You can take a simple example and people think I’m fussy about it. A child of up to about thirteen years, she went nowhere without her ribbons in her hair, her socks in her foot, they have five years and no ribbon. I fuss about it all the time when I see my friends and their children have no ribbons, I ask them where are the ribbons? And they think it is a small thing but I say to you it’s the beginning or the unraveling of the discipline. They don’t want to put the little ribbons in their hair at five years which makes them look so beautiful and they allow them to do other things. And you see how they dress but it’s not the young people you must blame because they don’t have money, they are not the ones buying it,” Henry said.Dr. Henry underscored psychologists’ conclusion that the first seven years of a child’s life as the most essential ones and so parents must ensure that the proper foundation is laid during these years.“Psychologists say and I believe them completely on that one, the first seven years are the most important years of our lives. These are our formative years. Whatever happens in those years, that is what is going to hold us into the future. So if they were safe and secure and happy years no matter what happens in our life along the way we’re going to be ok. If they were shaky years no matter how much wealth we acquire we’re still going to be shaky,” she said.Dominica Vibes News Tweet Sharelast_img

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