Fortnite World Cup Solos finals results: Bugha dominates to win singles world championship

first_imgThere’s another $15 million prize pool up for grabs Sunday at the Solos finals. First place pockets the $3 million winnings for the ultimate Victory Royale.We’ve compiled all of the information you need to know about the Fortnite World Cup Solos tournament below, including a live stream and a roster of the players involved.Some big names were unable to qualify such as Ninja, Poach, Liquid Chap, 72hrs, Cloak, Symfuhny, NICKMERCS, SypherPK and others. But even without some the stars, there are plenty of talented people competing in this tournament.MORE: Full schedule for the 2019 Fortnite World CupFortnite World Cup live streamEpic Games will be streaming the event on Twitch, Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, and within the game itself. We’ve embedded their Twitch channel above where you can watch the solo finals live once they begin on July 28, with matches starting at 1 p.m. ET.Fortnite Solos finals results, full standings Competitors played six games with the following format:Victory Royale: 10 points2-5 Placement: 7 points6-10 Placement: 5 points11-15 Placement: 3 pointsEach Elimination: 1 pointBugha won Game 1.Skite won Game 2.Dubs won Game 3.Psalm won Game 4. Kreo won Game 5.Crue won Game 6.Fortnite Solos finals prize poolPlacementPrize Money1st$3,000,0002nd$2,250,0003rd$1,800,0004th$1,500,0005th$900,0006th$450,0007th$375,0008th$375,0009th$225,00010th$225,00011th-50th$100,000As we mentioned before, $30 million is being handed out to the World Cup Finals competitors. The winners for Solo and Duos win $3 million (with Duos being split $1.5M each) and everyone being guaranteed at least $50,000. Fortnite World Cup: Solo qualifiersWeek 1SlayaOceaniaTOP_FaxfoxAsiaE11 StompyEuropeTQ Prisi0n3r0EuropeNRG benjyfishyEuropehREDS BELAEUEuropeGambit.letw1k3EuropeLDLC NayteEuropeS2V DiegoGBEuropeTrainH DRGEuropeSEN BughaNA EastDubs fnNA EastGhost BizzleNA EastTSM_ComadonNA EastLiquid VividNA East100T CeiceNA Eastsnow xdNA WestLiquid RiversanNA WestQASAR leleoBrazilWeek 3Cat taking wallsOceaniaTAKAMURAMMAsiaTOP_BannyAsialuKi tjkEuropeCOOLER LeftEyeEuropeFledermoysEuropeTchub_EuropeTTVCoreGaminggEuropewakie.EuropeFACT lolb0omEuropeSecret_DomentosEuropeTfueNA EastMSF ClixNA EastTTV UnknownxArmyNA EastFaZe FunkNA EastNittleFNNA EastCLG psalmNA EastKNG EpikWhaleNA Weststepbro karhuNA WestImLasersBrazilkurtzBrazilWeek 5LinkOceaniaMeta PeterpanAsiaAtlantis LetsheEuropeAGO JarkosEuropeN47 KlusiaEuropeNRG MrSavageMEuropeGhost IssaEuropeMGA SnayzyEuropeFnatic smeefEuropeDualMedia BlastREuropeW7M DKOUTZZZBrazilNRG ZaytNA EastRogueShark_NA EastkolorfulNA EastFaZe Megga.NA EastBuckeFPSNA EastKlass.NA EastWBG RhuxNA WestTwitch PzuhsNA WestWeek 7twins iwnlOceaniaMeta Hood.JAsiaT1 Arius iwnlAsiaaqua.EuropeG mārteeṉeuEuropeErouceEuropeExalty RobabzEuropeParabellum broEuropeSolary KinstaarEuropeAtlantis K1nzellEuropeGambit.fwexYEuropeCODE NICKSSSBrazilk1ng iwnl-BrazilclarityGNA EastReverse2kNA EastCODE-ASTONISHNA EastThiccboy LunezeNA EastChenkinz.tvNA EastNIX FatchNA EastWBG PikaNA West4DRStormOGNA WestWeek 9rona season.OceaniaMaufin xdAsiaXypher EndrettaEuropeVHV CrueEuropeLeStream SkiteEuropeLYGHT ツEuropeSecret_MongraalEuropeΕmquEuropedMIND.teeqEuropeLeStream BlaxouEuropeClipnodeBrazilKawzmikNA EastTouziiNA EastLegedienNA EastCODE SEN-AspectNA EastHornеtNA EastLZR KreoNA EastArkhram1xNA WestsnoirreHNA West The 2019 Fortnite World Cup is here. Epic Games is handing out $30 million in total cash prizes for the weekend after already giving away $10 million during the World Cup qualifiers.Airwaks and RL Grime secured the first major bag of the weekend, winning Friday’s Pro-Am and the $1 million top prize that came with it. And Saturday’s Duos finals handed out $3 million to the champions aqua and Nyhrox. (YouTube / Fortnite)

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