Meeting between the board of Oviedo and Rozada

first_imgNobody counted on the defeat before the Alcorcón. The 1-2 of the potter set, after a bad first part of Oviedo, puts the blue against the ropes: Albacete’s draw the next day leaves the Rozada team again in relegation positions. But in the blue club it’s about keeping a cool head and sending messages of tranquility with the team’s situation.After the defeat against Alcorcón, The board of directors held a meeting with Javi Rozada, coach, which was also attended by Arturo Elías, representative of the highest shareholder, via telephone from Mexico. The idea of ​​the board of directors is to give the coach more opportunities, since regardless of the image before the Alcorcón, the upward trajectory is valued (more in sensations than in numbers) that the team had shown in recent weeks. But the requirement is immediate results. Only adding three by three will achieve a climate of tranquility and tranquility in the work so demanded in a place that tends to instability like Oviedo. Therefore, the team must duel Lugo with the three points in his pocket. Anything other than winning in the Anxo Carro can have consequences even for the bench. The board of directors remains the mainstay in Rozada’s position, but that defense is only supported by positive results.Looking ahead to the duel in Galician lands, Rozada will have his entire staff at his disposal with the sole exception of the injured Edu Cortina. The coach recovers Lolo after serving penalty in the clash against Alcorcón and it seems likely that his eleven present changes compared to last Saturday.Ortuño urges to look “with enthusiasm”Within the climate of pessimism in which oviedism has been installed, the costumes try to shed some light. Alfredo Ortuña urges to look at the 14 days that remain of competition “with illusion”. “We have to play well, have clear ideas about what to do on the pitch and know how to beat the rivals,” says the striker, who before Alcorcón returned to the path of the goal thanks to a penalty that closed the clash in the final 1-2.For Murcia, the duel against Lugo is important but not transcendental: “For me, a final is when you play a title. But it is very important because it is a direct rival and the goal-average is at stake. Adds almost four points and more in group morale. ” The appointment, on Sunday at 12.00 in the Anxo Carro, can be a turning point in blue aspirations. In the first training of the week, held at El Requexón with open doors, they were Francesc Arnau, sports director, and Federico González, advisor to the Carso Group, who transmitted to the media and fans confidence in the project and in which the coach and the squad will take the situation forward.last_img

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