‘Promote Liberian-owned Business’

first_imgThe chief executive officer (CEO) of Rise Incorporated has called on Liberians to take advantage of their own businesses instead of promoting foreign-owned investments in Liberia.Mr. Richmond Yarkpah, trades in computer accessories and stationary materials on Benson Street in Monrovia. He told our business desk recently that every Liberian needs to promote their brothers and sisters in the business arena.According to him, if Liberians can take the lead in promoting businesses in the country, it will create the opportunities for the establishment and expansion of more businesses in the country which will also enhance job creation for everybody.Mr. Yarkpah: “If they should take over the economy and move forward with their businesses, then, the government should also be able to build the capacities of its entrepreneurs.”He noted that at times when bid being advertised in the newspapers for business purposes, Liberian businesses will bid and people will check their business records and everything will be correct, but at the end they will end up  giving it to foreigners for little amount.”“With these kinds of perceptions in our country, we need to redirect ourselves and promote Liberian-owned businesses,” he emphasized.The CEO of Rise Incorporated also explained to our business desk that the economy of this country is in the hands of foreigners, and as such, he feels it is wise to join his colleagues to take over the economy of the country.“I see it good because it is necessary for Liberians to be part of the business activities of this country,” CEO Yarkpah emphasized.Business making in Liberia is highly competitive with foreigners struggling to maintain their inherited status above Liberians.The Liberianization policy which gives exclusive right to Liberians to own certain businesses is not effective despite promise by Commerce Minister, Axel Addy two years ago to enforce it.Mr. Yarkpah said thought his business is profitable, he is facing challenges in terms of customers because Liberians are rushing to foreign businesses.“We have varieties of prices for desktop computers set and laptops ranging from US$200 to $350 based on your choice,” he disclosed.At the same time, the CEO of Rise Incorporated told our Business desk they cannot stand alone and called on banking institutions to empower them through loan that they will invest in their businesses to improve.The CEO of Rise Incorporated holds Bachelor Degree in Computer Science and is practically inclined in solving technical problems on computer.Materials besides computers that are sold include printer, industrial printer, and ink and memory cards.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img

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