went ahead with his

went ahead with his press conference and attacked the BJP-led NDA government for being "anti-farmers". Mr Godstime Asuquo confirmed the incident, As per the information made available by the Supreme Court of India to the Union Ministry of Law and Justice, remembering the time he met the former prime minister. but I think absolutely necessary for black activists like those who are engaging in some of the protests around Ferguson etc. is to try to also get yourself in the mindset of a police officer who is scared And who is trying to figure out how to navigate a really challenging job and wants to get home safe And may make a split second decision And how are they being trained And are they being provided enough guidance from their bosses that will steer them in a better direction than the worst direction Thats hard to do because its easier to just kind of say be angry and frustrated And part of what I think successful social movements have involved is having a certain righteous anger about injustices being done to you but also understanding that people who are on the other side of this theyve got their own history and their own circumstances And you have to understand that and you have to recognize that each of us has some good and some bad in is And thats not an excuse but what it does do is it gives us an opportunity then to have a conversation and to reach across the divide And thats not something that always at a time when so much of communications is sound bytes and tweets cable news its hard to have that kind of conversation Its easier I think to just make everything very black and white But I think that when you look at how social changes happened throughout history including in our country its been because we can project ourselves into the circumstances of other people And hopefully thats something that Malia and Sasha and her generation is picking up on And I think they have TIME: And wrapping things up What do you see as the single greatest fixable obstacle to the success of young people today COPELAND: The single wow I think I mean everything that you were saying being able to have an understanding of yourself and how you fit into society and who you are But to be empathetic to everyone around you I think is such a powerful thing to hold To be able to forgive All of those things I think can strengthen this generation of our youth I think having a strong sense of self and just knowing who they are and being comfortable with that OBAMA: Well you know I spend most of my time thinking about institutions And theres no doubt even though its a cliché that the single biggest difference we can make is making sure that our kids get a good education We can do a lot to keep the economy moving forward we can do a lot to make sure that were enforcing our nondiscrimination laws We can do a lot more to open up peoples perspective about who belongs where And press to make sure that we have more women CEOs and more African American film directors And more Latino police officers And all those things are important But the foundation that all this depends is making sure that on the front end when these little babies are born and start to get curious about the world and are like sponges that we are giving them the kind of education and the nurturing that they need So that theyre off to a good start And that involves an imaginative leap a moral leap on the part of the society as a whole that says every kid should get a genuine opportunity and were willing to put money behind it and were willing to invest in that to break cycles of poverty And to reach out and pull kids up even if they arent born into the best of circumstances And thats hard to do Because were working off of a legacy of hundreds of years of discrimination that gets passed on generationally If we could decide tomorrow that there was no discrimination that we had some new drug that everybody took and suddenly nobody would be racially prejudiced We still have a whole bunch of really poor kids who need help And that still requires us making investments in them And that means that all of us the government private sector nonprofits have to make some sacrifices so that those kids are getting an opportunity And if you talk to the average person they embrace that idea One of the great things about being president is you get to meet people from all walks of life And … people are fundamentally good people And they want to do the right thing And if you ask them should every child have an opportunity they will tell you yes But if you tell them okay that may mean weve got to spend more tax dollars to provide them with better schools And the teachers have to be paid more And we have to make sure that theyve got computer equipment in their schools and arts and music programs arent a luxury theyre something that helps that child thrive Then people start saying well you know Ive got my own bills to pay And I moved into this good school district and I want to make sure that that school district maintains its advantages And Im not sure whether the moneys going to be well spent We find all kinds of excuses why we dont actually do it move that agenda forward And part of my goal through things like My Brothers Keeper part of Michelles goal to an initiative shes got called Let Girls Learn is to keep on creating more and more avenues where we as a society can have that conversation and actually move forward and do the right thing If we do that were not going to eliminate racism and prejudice entirely in this society But what we can do is to greatly lessen how much it determines the life chances of people And that should be our goal TIME: Great Well thank you both so much for chatting with us This has been really great And lastly did you guys catch the game on Saturday Is Steph Curry the greatest or is he just great OBAMA: Steph Curry is the greatest shooter that Ive ever seen You knew I had an opinion on this And and I am having more fun watching him than anybody since Michael Jordan TIME: I was going to ask is he better than Jordan Hes pretty remarkable OBAMA: Hes not even Steph wouldnt necessarily say hes better than Jordan But hes the fact that hes about my size and hes doing what hes doing COPELAND: And I think the growth has been tremendous I can imagine where hes going to go OBAMA: It is thats a great point Its rare where you get somebody whos already at the pinnacle and then they take it another notch higher And hes a wonderful young man Hes a lot of run TIME: Well thank you OBAMA: Its great to see you Thank you I enjoyed it Contact us at [email protected]

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