Traffic Advisory Pictou County

first_imgPICTOU COUNTY: Brookland Road Brookland Road near the intersection of the Six Mile Brook Road is closed to traffic due to a storm washout. There is a detour via Six Mile Brook Road and Graveyard Dunbar Road. Local Area Office: 902-925-2247 -30-last_img

Lynch mobs turned Lord Rams name into murder cry Nusrat Jahan

first_imgKolkata: Trinamool MP Nusrat Jahan says so-called “cow vigilantes” have turned Lord Ram’s name into a murder cry and has appreciated members of civil society groups speaking up for human life. “There are numerous incidents of citizens being attacked by so-called ‘cow vigilantes’ over rumours of eating beef or cow-smuggling, etc. The government’s selective silence and inaction hits us hard. Lynch mobs have actually turned Lord Ram’s name into a murder cry,” Jahan said in a tweet. Also Read – Bengal family worships Muslim girl as Goddess Durga in Kumari Puja According to the actress-turned MP, mob lynching criminals “are nothing but enemies of our country and are terrorists”. In an open letter, Jahan has urged fellow citizens to raise their voice as “hate crimes and mob-lynchings are on a steep rise in our country”. She mentioned that the period 2014-19 has recorded the most number of hate crimes against Muslims, Dalits and other minorites. “2019 by now has witnessed more than 11 hate crimes and 4 deaths. They are all minorities and suppressed,” she wrote. Also Read – Bengal civic volunteer dies in road mishap on national highway Expressing astonishment about the silence of the government, Jahan said: “The Hon’ble Supreme Court last year on July 17 has called on the government to come up with a law to tackle these horrendous acts of mobocracy. But the government is silent”. “As a young MP, representing new age secular India, I request this Government and all lawmakers to frame a law to stop such assaults on democracy by mob-lynchers,” she added. Jahan ended the letter with the poet Muhammad Iqbal’s lines “Mazhab nahi sikhata aapas mein bair rakhna” (Religion does not teach us to bear ill-will among ourselves).last_img read more

Driver was operating pickup truck while seated in folding lawn chair police

first_imgTHUNDER BAY, Ont. – Police say a driver pulled over in Thunder Bay, Ont., had an unusual seating arrangement — a folding lawn chair where a driver’s seat should have been.They say an officer stopped a pickup truck on Monday afternoon after noticing the licence plates were allegedly not authorized for that vehicle.Upon approaching the driver, police say the officer noticed the suspicious seating arrangement — the driver was sitting in a lawn chair placed in front of the steering wheel.And investigators say that wasn’t the only thing wrong with the pickup.They say it was impounded for a multitude of defects, including a broken windshield blocking the driver’s view, a defective door handle that effectively trapped the driver inside the truck, and no seatbelt buckles.Police say a young driver is charged with a number of offences related to the condition of the truck, as well as driving while suspended, and operating a vehicle on a highway with no insurance.Note to readers: This is a corrected story. An earlier version carried an incorrect day for when the incident occurred.last_img read more

Joe Bidens brother and hedge fund manager accused of fraud

MCMINNVILLE, Tenn. — A federal lawsuit accuses the brother of former Vice-President Joe Biden, hedge fund manager Michael Lewitt and others of attempting to defraud a Tennessee business.The Knoxville News Sentinel reports that the defendants have until mid-August to respond to the lawsuit filed last month by Michael Frey and Dr. Mohannad Azzam. It says the plaintiffs founded Diverse Medical Management to reform failing rural hospitals, and Jim Biden promised to sell the health care plan to investors.It says Biden and Lewitt then urged the plaintiffs to borrow $10 million from Lewitt that would be repaid by investors. But the investors never materialized. It says Lewitt then threatened to sue the plaintiffs for not making payments on the borrowed cash. The defendants’ attorney, George Mesires, said he had no comment.___Information from: Knoxville News Sentinel, http://www.knoxnews.comThe Associated Press read more

Harper Wynne lock horns again over new Ontario pension plan

Harper, Wynne lock horns again over new Ontario pension plan by Keith Leslie & Allison Jones, The Canadian Press Posted Aug 11, 2015 9:58 am MDT Last Updated Aug 11, 2015 at 12:00 pm MDT AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email TORONTO – Premier Kathleen Wynne says Stephen Harper is standing in the way of an Ontario pension plan, while the prime minister says he’s happy to block what he calls “an enormous tax hike.”“I am delighted to see, quite frankly, that our refusal to co-operate with the imposition of this tax is making it more difficult for the Ontario government to proceed,” Harper said at a campaign stop in Markham, north of Toronto. “We’re going to continue to fight it.”Harper went out of his way to attack the Liberal government’s pension plan Tuesday after reporters failed to ask him about it, returning to the microphone to say the mandatory contributions from employers and workers would kill jobs.“It’s not a good idea for the middle class and it’s obviously a bad thing as well for jobs and it’s a bad thing for our economy,” he said.Wynne, meanwhile, was unveiling details of the Ontario Retirement Pension Plan during a news conference in downtown Toronto, where she said workers are not saving enough for retirement and Harper refuses to enhance the Canada Pension Plan.“Disappearing workplace pension plans, shrinking personal savings … and an average yearly CPP payment of less than $7,000 all adds up to a wholly inadequate retirement savings system,” she said.Wynne vowed to proceed with a provincial pension even without any help from the federal government or the Canada Revenue Agency, but she couldn’t say how much more it would cost Ontario to go on its own or contract out to a third party.“We don’t know what those costs would be at this point,” she said. “We do know that it would be easier, (and) it certainly would be less complicated if we had the federal government working with us.”Business groups have been warning they may have to reduce staff or curb hiring because of the added costs of a mandatory provincial pension plan, and said Tuesday they still had concerns.The Canadian Federation of Independent Business said most small- and medium-sized businesses don’t have a pension plan not because they don’t want one, but because they can’t afford it.“We are very disappointed today that there has been absolutely no regard in terms of the actual impact of the ORPP on the small business community, on their employees,” said Plamen Petkov, the group’s Ontario vice-president. “Phasing (it) in makes it probably look a little bit better politically, but if you’re a small business owner and you know this is coming your way…you may be reducing jobs, you may be reducing hours.”The Canadian Federation of Independent Grocers said its members operate on profit margins of just one per cent, and can’t afford to pay new pension premiums.“If you’re putting in a plan to deduct 1.9 per cent off the employers’ payroll, that’s going to be a difficult pill to swallow,” said spokesman Gary Sands.The Ontario Chamber of Commerce called the exemption details a step in the right direction, but said larger companies want to see a cost-benefit analysis on the pension plan, which the government promises to produce by the end of the year.The new pension plan will force companies to pay premiums of 1.9 per cent of salary for each employee, up to $1,643 a year, and workers will pay an equal amount. It will be phased in starting in 2017 for employers with 500 or more workers and no workplace pension, to be followed by medium-sized employers on Jan. 1, 2018. Those with 50 or fewer employees will be enrolled on Jan. 1, 2019.Companies with defined contribution pension plans that equal at least eight per cent of an employee’s salary would be exempt from the plan, as long as the employer contributes at least four per cent.Employers with a workplace pension plan that isn’t adjusted to meet the government’s comparability test, as well as employees who aren’t members of their workplace comparable plan will start contributions on Jan. 1, 2020.The government defines a comparable plan as one that provides a “predictable stream of replacement income and an adequate standard of living in retirement similar to the benefit that would be provided by the ORPP.”Ontario passed legislation in April to create the provincial pension for more 3.5 than million people who do not have a workplace pension.Follow @CPnewsboy on Twitter read more

The Hidden Value of the NBA Steal

So, look at the points-per-game column. Suppose a player averages one more point per game than another player. His team is likely to average only an additional .17 points with him on the floor because points are 83 percent replaceable. It would take almost six points of his scoring to add one additional point to his team’s tally.For steals, the picture is much different. If a player averages one more steal than another player (say 2.5 steals per game instead of 1.5) his team is likely to average .96 more steals than it would without him (if all else stayed equal). That’s why, as an individual player action, steals are much more irreplaceable than points.Basketball is a game of high scores and small margins. The best team ever — the 1995-96 Chicago Bulls — only won by an average of 12 points per game, and I’d be surprised if more than a handful of players have ever been worth half that on their own (maybe Michael Jordan, probably LeBron James). With steals 96 percent “irreplaceable,” and each worth a couple of points, one extra steal per game puts a good player well on his way to being an excellent one.With this in mind, it’s worth taking another look at Rubio, the quirky sidekick to MVP candidate Love. Rubio seems deficient at the game’s central skill (putting the ball in the hoop) but is gifted at the one that matters to my model (thievery).It’s our good fortune that Rubio and Love have missed a number of games at different times, so we can check whether there’s anything to be gleaned by comparing team performance with and without them. Here are his and Love’s win percentages and average team margin of victory both together and separate since 2011-12:In other words, the Timberwolves have struggled to win games when either one of its duo out, and they’ve lost quite badly with both gone. Despite being an elite scorer and rebounder who is routinely ranked as one of the league’s top players, Love’s observable impact has been only marginally better than Rubio’s.10Note also that in the three years prior to Rubio’s arrival, Love had one of the worst runs that a theoretically great player has ever had. In the 214 games he played in that period, the Timberwolves won only 24.8 percent of their games and had an average margin of victory of -6.3. In other words, the sample of games in which the Timberwolves struggled with only Love on the floor is effectively much greater than the 33 in the table. So far, both are putting up elite numbers. The Timberwolves have played nearly seven points per game worse without Rubio in their lineup. That’s absurdly high. So high that I’d be surprised if either player’s numbers bore out in the long run. But it’s worth noting that, contrary to conventional wisdom, Rubio may be exceeding expectations.Taken alone, this comparison doesn’t answer the question of Rubio’s value, and it doesn’t prove that steals are as valuable as I think they are. But it’s powerfully consistent with that claim. More important, it’s a perfect example of how, even in a storm of complex, causally dynamic, massively intertwined data and information, sometimes odd little things that are known to be reliable and predictable are the most valuable.Editor’s note: A table in this article has been updated to include additional data from the past week. Scoring in professional basketball is one of the most beautiful things in sports. With only moments to set up his shot, a player tosses a ball into a soaring arc, and it drops through a hoop only slightly larger than the ball. That or he flies to the hoop and deposits the ball directly.It’s no wonder, then, that individual players’ scoring abilities get the most attention. But basketball is a complex and dynamic sport, and this skill is only one of many that determine what kind of impact a particular player has on the bottom line.In fact, if you had to pick one statistic from the common box score to tell you as much as possible about whether a player helps or hurts his team, it isn’t how many points he scores. Nor how many rebounds he grabs. Nor how many assists he dishes out.It’s how many steals he gets.This phenomenon — that steals is one of the most informative stats in basketball — has important implications for how we think about sports data. But it can also help us investigate real-life basketball mysteries, such as “What the heck is going on in Minnesota?”Consider the curious case of Ricky Rubio. A professional basketball player since the age of 14, he won a silver medal in the 2008 Beijing Olympics (leading a strong Spanish team in assists, steals and even defensive rebounds during the knockout rounds). The Minnesota Timberwolves drafted him in 2009 with the fifth overall pick (age: 18), but he initially stayed in Spain, not making his NBA debut until 2011.During the two years Rubio spent at FC Barcelona, his eventual Minnesota teammate Kevin Love ascended into the ranks of the NBA’s statistical elite. This left many to expect (or hope) that adding Rubio would finally make the Timberwolves a contender. But in his first two seasons, the Timberwolves still haven’t made the playoffs. Going into the 2013-14 season, ESPN’s TrueHoop Network ranked Rubio as the 49th best player in the league (only slightly ahead of teammate Nikola Pekovic). He has struggled with injuries and is considered a terrible, “makes Rajon Rondo look like Reggie Miller”-type shooter.1So far, Rubio has put up the worst effective field goal percentage among regular NBA starters every year of his career.Since entering the NBA, Rubio has been dominant in two major statistical categories: not scoring and steals. Of all players averaging 30-plus minutes, Rubio’s 10 points per game is the third-fewest overall, and the worst of all guards by more than a point.2The second-lowest-scoring guard is Jose Calderon with 11.2 PPG.His 2.4 steals per game, on the other hand, is the second most. It’s only .1 steals behind five-time NBA steals champion Chris Paul (and Rubio edges Paul in steals per minute and steal percentage).What do you do when you have highly divergent indicators such as these? NBA stat geeks have been trying to mash up box score stats for decades. The most famous attempt is John Hollinger’s player efficiency rating, which ostensibly includes steals in its calculation but values them about as much as two-point baskets.3In PER, steals are each worth the value of one possession. A two-point basket is (roughly) worth two points minus the value of one possession. Because a possession is worth about one point, these are both worth about +1 point in Hollinger’s equation. In other words, steals have only a small effect on a player’s PER. Despite his stealing prowess, Rubio has a career PER of 15.6, ranking 82nd in the league for the period. Meanwhile, Love has a PER of 25.7 (fourth in the league) over that same time.Hollinger weights each stat in his formula based on his informed estimation of its intrinsic value. Although this is intuitively neat, empiricists like to test these sorts of things. One way to do it is to compare how teams have performed with and without individual players, using the results to examine what kinds of player statistics most accurately predict the differences.4I used this technique quite a bit throughout my treatise on Dennis Rodman, though it is actually better suited to broader analysis such as this. For this article, I’m using team game “with and without you” (WOWY) comparisons from all player seasons from 1986 to 2011 where a player missed and played at least 20 games. In particular, we’re interested in which player stats best predict whether a team will win or lose more often without him.By this measure, PER vastly undervalues steals. Because steals and baskets seem to be similarly valuable, and there are so many more baskets than steals in a game, it’s hard to see how steals can be all that important. But those steals hold additional value when we predict the impact of the players who get them. A lot more value. So much so that a player’s steals per game is more important to evaluating his worth than his ability to score points, even though steals are so much rarer.To illustrate this, I created a regression using each player’s box score stats (points, rebounds, assists, blocks, steals and turnovers) to predict how much teams would suffer when someone couldn’t play.5As measured by his difference in SRS (simple rating system, or average margin of victory/defeat adjusted for strength of schedule) with or without him. By comparing the regression coefficients for each variable, we can see the relative predictive value of each (all else being equal). Because we’re particularly interested in how each stat compares with points scored, I’ve set the predictive value of a single marginal point as our unit of measure (that is, the predictive value of one point equals one, and something five times more predictive than a point is five, etc.). The results:Yes, this pretty much means a steal is “worth” as much as nine points. To put it more precisely: A marginal steal is weighted nine times more heavily when predicting a player’s impact than a marginal point.6At least when averaged over a sufficient number of games (about 15 or 20). Note that the weighting of steals in PER was approximately equal to a made two-point basket, or roughly equivalent to two PPG (off by nearly a factor of five). Value for turnovers is negative.For example, a player who averages 16 points and two steals per game is predicted (assuming all else is equal) to have a similar impact on his team’s success as one who averages 25 points but only one steal. If these players were on different teams and were both injured at the same time, we would expect their teams to have similar decreases in performance (on average).Steals have considerable intrinsic value. Not only do they kill an opponent’s possession, but a team’s ensuing possession — the one that started with the steal — often leads to fast-break scoring opportunities. But though this explains how a steal can be more valuable than a two-point basket, it doesn’t come close to explaining how we get from that to nine points.I’ve heard a lot of different theories about how steals can be so much more predictively valuable than they seem: Steals “cost” less than other stats,7This is most relevant to comparison between steals and points: Points cost you shots, which cost you possessions, which is why a bad shooter may get a lot of points while hurting his team’s offense. Steals come at a cost as well: By gambling on defense, you sometimes give up a better shot if you fail. But, all things considered, they are probably closer to being “free” than points. or players who get more steals might also play better defense, or maybe steals are just a product of, as pundits like to call it, high basketball IQ. These are all worth considering and may be true to various degrees, but I think there’s a subtler — yet extremely important — explanation.Think about all that occurs in a basketball game — no matter who is playing, there will be plenty of points, rebounds and assists to go around. But some things only happen because somebody makes them happen. If you replaced a player with someone less skilled at that particular thing, it wouldn’t just go to somebody else. It wouldn’t occur at all. Steals are disproportionately those kinds of things.Most people vastly underestimate how much a player’s box score stats are a function of that player’s role and style of play, as opposed to his tangible contribution to his team’s performance. A player averaging one more point per game than another doesn’t actually mean his team scores one more point per game as a result of his presence. He may be shooting more than he should and hurting his team’s offense. Similarly, one player getting a lot of rebounds doesn’t make his team a good rebounding team: He may be getting rebounds that his team could have gotten without him.What we are looking for is a kind of statistical “irreplaceability.” If a player produces one more X (point, rebound, steal, etc.) for his team, and is then taken from the team (by injury, suspension, trade, etc.), how much of that stat does his team really lose? How much of it can be replaced?I tested for this by running a series of regressions using each player’s box score stats (points, rebounds, assists, etc.) to predict how much teams would suffer without a player in each particular area. In other words, for a player who averages X points, Y rebounds, Z assists, etc., how much does his team’s scoring decrease when he’s out? How much does its rebounding decrease? The way I’ve set it up, a stat’s irreplaceability will roughly run from zero (completely replaceable) to one (completely irreplaceable).8I was going to call this “Beyoncé Value” in honor of the singer’s hit song “Irreplaceable,” but editors correctly pointed out that the song title was ironic, and steals actually are irreplaceable. Let’s visualize it like so:9For this case, I ran separate regressions to the WOWY differential for each of the team’s PRABS statistics from all of the corresponding player stats. In a linear regression, the “irreplaceability value” is the coefficient for each variable in its own regression (e.g. player PPG coefficient in the regression to team PPG). Note that while the value approximates a percentage, nothing precludes values below zero or above 1. read more

Christmas lights display on UKs most festive street is unwanted by half

“At first we tried to get Oliver involved – to show him the magic of Christmas – but it got to the point where we could see him getting triggered as the date approached.”The whole month of Christmas was wasted and ruined for the people living in the road. From September onwards, we were just getting ready for the carnage to start.”However, Mr Hollyoake, 71, dismissed reports of any neighbourhood conflict and pointed out that the event had raised more than £70,000 for charity.His son Jason Dean, who oversees the entertainment, said: “There were about three houses that complained about the road closure. The council couldn’t see much in their reasons and supported us.”We put a letter through one of their doors asking if they would meet with us but they never got back to us. We were happy to meet with them but they just weren’t playing ball.”Mr Timms added: “I think people raising money for charity is a wonderul thing to do, don’t get me wrong. I’m not trying to be ‘bah humbug’ – but there’s always another side to it.”  Ged Hollyoake, 71, at his house with son Jason Dean 46, started the tradition Credit:Paul Jacobs/Picture Exclusive Ged Hollyoake, 71, at his house with son Jason Dean 46, started the tradition  Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. Mr Timms, a boatbuilder, claimed residents living in 14 properties out of 29 in the street willingly participated in the event, while the remaining neighbours refuse to join in the “carnage”.He said: “They would close the road down, a lorry would turn up, local radio would turn up, there would be a band playing and music blaring and somebody singing over a loud speaker. A Christmas lights extravaganza staged in a street dubbed ‘Britain’s most festive’ forced a former neighbour to leave his home as he claimed it caused distress to his family.More than a thousand people gathered in New Milton, Hampshire, on Sunday night to watch festive illuminations switched on in Byron Road, which helps raise thousands of pounds for charity. The event has grown in popularity over recent years since it was started 14 years ago by resident Ged Hollyoake, with football manager Harry Redknapp guest of honour at last year’s show.But behind the dazzling array of fairy lights and decorations, tensions in the street have simmered, with some signing a petition for the switch-on to be scrapped.–– ADVERTISEMENT ––Mark Timms, 48, said he was forced to leave his home last year after the display became too distressing for his autistic son. read more

John Boyne quits Twitter after criticism from trans activists following newspaper article

first_img Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article Apr 17th 2019, 6:12 PM By Conor McCrave IRISH AUTHOR JOHN Boyne has removed his Twitter account following criticism from trans-rights activists for comments he made in a newspaper article at the weekend. Boyne, a gay man who has previously included LGBT characters in his novels, wrote an opinion piece for the Irish Times on Saturday, ahead of the publication of his new book entitled, My Brother’s Name is Jessica.The book, told through the eyes of a 12-year-old boy, features a character called Jason who calls a meeting with his family to come out as transgender, and announce his new name is Jessica. In Saturday’s article, Boyne wrote of his own experience of hearing from a childhood friend who came out as transgender, as well as the research he carried out for the book, which involved interviewing members of the trans community. He also spoke of his rejection of the term ‘cis’, used by members of the trans community to denote an individual whose gender corresponds with their birth sex.“I wholeheartedly support the rights of trans men and women and consider them courageous pioneers, it will probably make some unhappy to know that I reject the word “cis”, the term given by transgender people to their nontransgender brethren,” he said. “I don’t consider myself a cis man; I consider myself a man… I reject the notion that someone can force an unwanted term onto another.”Social mediaThose comments have been criticised by members of the trans community as well as trans-rights activists on social media in the aftermath of the piece, with some calling for a boycott of his novel. In an op-ed published in the Irish Times on Monday, Aoife Martin, of the Transgender Equality Network Ireland said the term ‘cis’ is “the opposite of transgender” and is a “perfectly reasonable” term to use. “The only time I refer to people as being cis is when discussing trans issues. This is to distinguish them from transgender and non-binary people.“In the same way if I were involved in a discussion about, say, Black Lives Matter, I would point out that I am a white person and I am speaking from a position of white privilege.“Boyne, whether he likes it or not, is a cis man speaking from a position of cis privilege. In fact, the whole article reeks of that privilege.”Martin was not the only person to speak critically of Boyne’s piece, with one person describing his book as “inherently disrespectful” on Twitter, while another wrote “John is not trans therefore this isn’t his story to write”.  The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas author has since removed his Twitter account, with supporters of Boyne, including broadcaster Rick O’Shea, saying he was “hounded” of the social media site following the criticism. “I’ve been trying to write a tweet about John Boyne being hounded off here by unacceptable abuse but you know what? I’m afraid to. I’m a lifetime radical leftie liberal, and even I am afraid to express opinions here in some areas, in case I get the next pile on,” he said.  Boyne released a statement following the removal of his account citing the abuse and criticisms he was receiving. Short URL Author John Boyne at a launch in February Image: Mark Stedman/Photocall Ireland Image: Mark Stedman/Photocall Ireland 33,145 Views center_img John Boyne quits Twitter after criticism from trans activists following newspaper article ‘He spoke of his rejection of the term ‘cis’ used to refer to those who are not part of the trans community. Whoops! We couldn’t find this Tweet Author John Boyne at a launch in February I’ve been trying to write a tweet about John Boyne being hounded off here by unacceptable abuse but you know what?I’m afraid to.I’m a lifetime radical leftie liberal and even I am afraid to express opinions here in some areas in case I get the next pile on.From “our” side.— Rick O’Shea (@rickoshea) April 16, 2019 Whoops! We couldn’t find this Tweet Source: Rick O’Shea/Twitter 73 Comments Share100 Tweet Email Wednesday 17 Apr 2019, 6:12 PMlast_img read more

Vieira is ready to face Henry for the first time

first_imgBoth footballers played together for Arsenal from 1999 to 2005, and now they are managing Nice and Monaco in the French Ligue 1.Patrick Vieira and Thierry Henry played together in the English Premier League from 1999 to 2005.They won two EPL titles and two FA Cups with Arsenal during that time.And now, Vieira is coaching Nice and Henry is managing Monaco, both in the French Ligue 1.“It is strange because we spent so much time together,” Vieira said to Sky Sports.Opinion: Neymar needs to apologize to PSG’s supporters Tomás Pavel Ibarra Meda – September 14, 2019 After such a dramatic summer during the transfer window, Neymar truly needs to apologize to all the PSG supporters this weekend.When Neymar finished last…“We played, we won, we lost games together in the same team.”“We started our career, him in Monaco and me in Cannes. We have always been really close to each other. It’s quite funny that we are both in the south for our first coaching jobs in France,” he added.“I think we are both really excited about it. It never crossed my mind that we would be coaching, him Monaco and myself Nice and playing against each other, so close.”“I think Thierry (Henry) is one of the best French players. I think he had a fantastic career. I would put him in the same level as (Zinedine) Zidane, Raymond Kopa or Michel Platini,” he commented.“What is really important for me is to focus on what’s happening on the field. How we can train every day and try to put a system in place that allows us to be successful and win football matches.”last_img read more

The Stars Groups global expansion drives 348 revenue boost in 2Q18

first_imgOnline poker and gaming operator The Stars Group has reported a 34.8% increase in consolidated revenue to US$411.5 million for the three months to 30 June 2018, boosted by its recent push into the Australian sports betting scene via the acquisitions of CrownBet Holdings Pty Limited and William Hill Australia Holdings Pty Ltd.Gross profit for the period grew 29.8% year-on-year to US$327.9 million while Adjusted EBITDA grew 14.8% to US$168.3 million. Caesars slips back into loss in 2Q19 but US properties showing growth ahead of Eldorado merger Load More Discussing the results, The Stars Group CEO Rafi Ashkenazi said they “reflect both continued organic growth within our international business and the contributions of our Australian acquisitions.“We continued enhancing our products and user experience across all verticals and executing on our cross-selling strategy. The continued emergence of our sports betting and casino offerings and the addition of our 2018 acquisitions have transformed our business and greatly enhanced the foundation and diversity of our consolidated revenue base, which will now be nearly equally split among verticals and roughly 75% locally regulated or taxed.”The Stars Group acquired an 80% stake in CrownBet Holdings in April through which it subsequently purchased William Hill Australia Holdings – positioning itself as a clear number three in Australia’s highly competitive online sports betting landscape behind Tabcorp and Sportsbet.The company has since also acquired the UK’s Sky Betting & Gaming (SBG).Despite its increased presence in the sports betting space, The Stars Group – owner of PokerStars – still generated 52.7% of its revenue through online poker, with 24.8% from gaming and 19.7% from betting. Betting revenue for the quarter was US$19.6 million, an increase of 122.2% year-on-year. RelatedPosts Liverpool, Chelsea, Tottenham forced to cut sponsorship ties with Russian betting site Chinese court seizes bank accounts of online card game developer Boyaalast_img read more

15 killed in jihadist attack in Burkina Faso

first_imgBurkina-FasoArmed men described as jihadists raided a village in Burkina Faso’s restive north, killing 15 people, plundering and burning shops and motorbikes, a regional governor said Saturday.The raid took place on the night of Thursday to Friday with “around 20 individuals attacking the village of Diblou,” said a security source who put the death toll at 14.But a statement by the governor of the Centre-Nord region, Casimir Segueda, said that 15 people were killed, and the village’s market torched.A local resident said that “the terrorists burnt shops and motorcycles”.”Almost the entire market was looted,” the resident added.The poor Sahel state has been battling a rising wave of jihadist attacks over the last four years which began in the north but have since spread to the east, near the border with Togo and Benin.Most attacks in the former French colony are attributed to the jihadist group Ansarul Islam, which emerged near the Mali border in December 2016, and to the JNIM (Group to Support Islam and Muslims), which has sworn allegiance to Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb.Those groups are believed to be responsible for around 500 deaths since 2015. The capital Ouagadougou has been attacked three times.last_img read more

Catalan Parliament To Respond To Spains Planned Takeover

first_img Share Twitter User @HeritageCatalonia’s regional parliament plans to hold a debate this week on the Spanish prime minister’s plan to take direct control of the region — a session many fear could lead to a vote declaring Catalan independence.The president of Catalonia, Carles Puigdemont, asked regional lawmakers to debate options for responding to the takeover moves announced Saturday by Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy. Parliament’s governing body set the debate for Thursday.Rajoy wants to trigger a section of the Spain Constitution that would allow the central government to step in to run Catalonia. Firing all Catalan top officials and calling an early regional election are among the steps the prime minister wants to take with the constitutional authority.The actions are Rajoy’s response to the regional government claiming it had a mandate to secede from Spain based on an Oct. 1 independence referendum Spain’s top court had put on hold.In Madrid, Spain’s political parties designated 27 senators to study the government’s request to activate the Constitution’s Article 155. The group includes 15 members of Rajoy’s ruling Popular Party, which means the request’s approval is all but certain.The commission is expected to invite Puigdemont to defend his case before a Senate vote Friday on the prime minister’s plans.The unprecedented standoff between authorities in Barcelona, the capital of Catalonia, and the national government in Madrid could result in an extended period of social and economic turmoil for the region, a Catalan business group warned Monday.The Barcelona-based Circulo de Economia said Catalonia may be heading toward “a prolonged and dynamic period when there is a lack of control, legal uncertainty and public unrest.”The effects could be “dramatic” in terms of the local economy and jobs, the business group said. It said early elections in Catalonia could help resolve the deadlock.Deputy Spanish Prime Minister Soraya Saenz de Santamaria said Rajoy might name someone to take control of overseeing the central government ministries that would be involved in running regional offices in Catalonia.Speaking on Onda Cero radio, Saenz de Santamaria said once the Senate gives the green light, the Catalan government will be out office immediately. She said Puigdemont “will no longer be paid, he will not have a presidential signature” and will not be able to make decisions.In Barcelona, Lluis Corominas, spokesman for Catalan’s governing Together for Yes coalition — accused Spain of acting “like a dictatorship” and called the use of Article 155 “an act of institutional violence without precedent.”“In this parliament, we won’t be able to debate or vote any initiative without Madrid’s permission,” the lawmaker said. “That is not democracy.”The far-left separatist CUP party called for “mass civil disobedience,” describing Rajoy’s move as “the greatest aggression against the civil, individual and collective rights of the Catalan people” since the dictatorship of Gen. Francisco Franco, who died in 1975.Pro-independence students, meanwhile, called for a strike in Catalan universities on Thursday to urge authorities to push ahead with a declaration of independence and defend the region’s institutions.___Elena Becatoros in Barcelona and Ciaran Giles in Madrid contributed.last_img read more

Dancing her way out of fear tale of hope from Kolkatas redlight

first_imgNew Delhi: Born in a red-light area in abject poverty, she was married to an abusive man when she was 16 and fought a four-year battle to get custody of her son. The odds were stacked impossibly high, but Uma Das fought back and is today a much sought after dance teacher. Just 25, she also manages a unit to make sanitary napkins in Munshiganj, the red-light area in West Bengal’s capital Kolkata. Walking firmly on the path towards independence and empowerment, Uma Didi, as she is known, is a beacon of hope for other young women in Munshiganj who, like, her, refuse to be sucked into the vortex of flesh trade. Also Read – Rain batters Kolkata, cripples normal life My mother was sold to a brothel. I was born in a red-light area. All my life, I have seen fear in the eyes of young girls. My mother fought tooth and nail to protect me from the flesh trade, Uma told PTI in a telephonic interview from Kolkata. When she was 19, Uma witnessed a sex worker being burnt alive by a customer over a paltry sum of money and decided she would not allow young lives go up in flames. The activist saw hope in dance and used it as a potent tool to hit back at patriarchy and poverty. Also Read – Speeding Jaguar crashes into Mercedes car in Kolkata, 2 pedestrians killed She joined Apne Aap Women Worldwide, a charitable trust. Apne Aap was founded by 22 women from Mumbai’s red light district, with a vision of a world where no woman could be bought or sold. Undeterred by threats from pimps, brothel owners and others, Uma uses dance therapy to help girls of the red-light area choose a life of dignity. She teaches Rabindra Sangeet Nritya, a classical based dance form invented and devised by Nobel laureate Rabindranath Tagore, to girls in the area. Uma learnt the dance form at Kolkata Sanved, an NGO which uses Dance Movement Therapy (DMT) as an alternative approach to counselling, psycho social rehabilitation, self-expression and empowerment. The unique therapy model is designed to heal and empower individuals from marginalised communities, including survivors of gender-based violence and at-risk children and youth. “I always wanted to dance. It is my salvation. Today, as a part of Apne Aap, I teach dance to girls of my area. We also run a sanitary pad making unit. Girls are also taught to make jute bags. These girls are often scoffed at for the work they do, but what they need is an avenue to earn their livelihood with dignity, Uma asserted. Uma is also an international celebrity of sorts. Held out as an example for others, she has met former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and American actor Ashley Judd. I met Hillary Clinton in 2012 when she visited Kolkata. I tied a band with the line Cool Men Don’t Buy Sex’ on her wrist. We met Ashley Judd last year when she visited my house as part of an initiative by Apne Aap, she said. Uma, who helped show many young women the light at the end of the proverbial tunnel, has waged a long, often lone battle against power. When I started out, I was a nobody. I got threats from pimps, brothel owners and middlemen. I have led many raids in brothels and rescued young girls. Small kids are lured with the promise of chocolates and sweets. They are then sold off. We worked hard to create an effective circle of discreet informers who tip us off about any immoral activity, she said. She continues to live in Munshiganj and strives to empower the girls of the area. Discussing personal life, she said her mother has been a pillar of strength for her. I survived an abusive marriage. I married a boy from our neighbourhood when I was 16 against my mother’s wishes. I want to forget that phase of my life as it was a big mistake. “I fought a long custody battle for my eight-year-old son. I have now filed for divorce. My strength in all these phases was my mother. She never lost confidence in me. An Apne Aap worker praised Uma’s determination and courage to fight the odds. Uma today is in charge of Apne Aap’s sanitary pad making unit in Munshiganj. She gets a stipend from Apne Aap. Five girls from the red-light area work under her. They make around 250 to 300 sanitary pads daily. The girls are usually paid Re 1 per sanitary pad. The unit was started in 2015. It requires a lot of courage to stand up to power when you are a nobody. Uma strived to change her destiny and today she is a force to reckon with, she said. Moving away from an unhappy past to a brighter future, Uma dreams big. I want to raise my son by giving him a good education. I still remember that horrible day when a sex worker was burnt alive, I hope no life goes up in flames. I will continue to protect young girls from the flesh trade, just the way my mother protected me.last_img read more

Dutch prime minister thanks American liberators

first_img Sponsored Stories “We must be vigilant if we are going to preserve democracy and freedom,” Breedlove said. “It is important that we celebrate the courage of the youth of yesterday but we must also support the youth of today as our service members continue to defend the values forever enshrined here.”Copyright © The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed. Former Arizona Rep. Don Shooter shows health improvement ErrorOKFree Rate QuoteCall now 623-889-0130 ErrorOK 4 sleep positions for men and what they mean Milstead says best way to stop wrong-way incidents is driving sober Ex-FBI agent details raid on Phoenix body donation facility The cemetery is on land close to the Dutch border with Germany that was liberated from Nazi occupation on Sept. 13, 1944, by the U.S. 30th Infantry Division.“We say thank you to our liberators,” Rutte said. “Thank you for enabling us to stand here today in freedom, and we bow our heads in memory of the fallen.”Among the thousands of people attending the solemn ceremony were orphans of soldiers who were buried or are listed as missing at Margraten.Arthur Chotin, whose father was killed in a jeep accident in the aftermath of the war and is buried at Margraten, thanked Dutch families who have adopted all of the graves at the cemetery, helping to keep alive the memory of the dead.“Even though I didn’t know him, I think of him almost every day. What he missed and what my mother and I missed,” Chotin said. “So here I am. 70 years old, more than twice the age of the father I never played catch with, never argued with, never even hugged. And the single thought in my mind today is that I hope he would be proud of me.“Oh, the power these dead have over those they left behind.”NATO’s supreme commander, U.S. Air Force Gen. Philip Breedlove, reminded the crowd that the freedom Allied soldiers died defending in World War II cannot be taken for granted. “Recent world events have shown us the concept of armed conflict in Europe remains possible,” he said.center_img New Valley school lets students pick career-path academies Top Stories MARGRATEN, Netherlands (AP) — Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte paid tribute Sunday at a Memorial Day ceremony to U.S. troops who fought and died liberating the Netherlands from Nazi occupation in World War II, while NATO’s supreme commander said the fight to defend freedom continues to this day.Thousands of people sat under blue skies and wispy white clouds for Sunday’s ceremony at the American cemetery in Margraten, a manicured patch of 65.5 acres (26.5 hectares) in the rolling hills of the southern province of Limburg that contains 8,301 headstones. 5 things to look for when selecting an ophthalmologist Comments   Share   5 ways to recognize low testosteronelast_img read more

Qantas denies hiding information from engineers

first_imgSource = e-Travel Blackboard: J.L The dispute between Qantas and its engineers continued this week as the carrier was accused of hiding details of technical incidents with senior engineering staff.APESMA, the union representing Qantas engineers, claims engineers have been left in the dark regarding recent incidents including a recent Qantas flight which arrived in Brisbane 17 hours late after two of the airline’s jumbo jets reported technical problems.The union’s senior industrial officer Alison Rose said engineers needed to have access to all the information and documentation on each aircraft that they do any work on.”So our members are concerned that due to this practice of not providing information, they are effectively working in the dark” she told ABC News.The union, which is currently in a pay dispute with Qantas, is now calling for a full investigation by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority into the incidents.However, Qantas spokesman David Epstein has rejected the claims, saying it’s another opportunistic attempt by the union to use scare tactics around safety to advance its industrial agenda.“APESMA’s industrial campaign commenced on 13 November 2009, and we have had enhanced engineering documentation and oversight procedures in place since that day” said Epstein.“Highly qualified and experienced engineering managers are certifying work which is then subject to detailed peer review, including by engineers taking part in the industrial action.“We are absolutely confident we are meeting all of our regulatory obligations and that suitable communication and work flow arrangements are in place.” <a href=”” target=”_blank”><img src=”;cb=INSERT_RANDOM_NUMBER_HERE&amp;n=a5c63036″ border=”0″ alt=””></a>last_img read more

Freezing temperatures in California over recent da

first_img Freezing temperatures in California over recent days have not led to any reports of damage on the citrus production and are likely benefitting the crop, according to the California Citrus Mutual (CCM).The CCM described Tuesday night as “another long night” for growers as temperatures dropped throughout the Central Valley and Ventura County.In the Central Valley, cloud cover prevented temperatures from dropping as low as expected, generally hovering around the 27-29ºF range, while in Ventura County temperatures bottomed out around 24 to 25ºF, marking the coldest night this winter.”Growers throughout both regions reported running wind machines for several hours to protect the State’s $3.8 billion dollar citrus crop,” the CCM said.”Additionally, water was run in colder spots to moisten the ground in anticipation of the cooler temperatures. As the warm air rises from the moist ground, wind machines effectively trap and circulate warm air in the grove. When temperatures fall below critical levels, a two to four degree increase can prevent significant crop losses.”Navel varieties can tolerate temperatures as low as 27ºF without threat of damage, whereas Mandarin varieties tend to be susceptible to some damage at temperatures below 32ºF.  Lemon varieties fall in the middle, tolerating temperatures as low as 30 degrees.  “We are currently a quarter of the way through the citrus season, which is anticipated to go through mid-June.  At this point in the season, cold weather is to be expected and at current levels is beneficial for fruit quality, color, and flavor,” the CCM said.Related article: Californian citrus industry may have “quality product well past the 4th of July” U.S.: California cherry season to arrive later tha … You might also be interested in The calm before the storm: Undersupplied U.S. tabl … Strawberries in Charts: Expected California shorta … U.S.: First storm hits California, more heavy rain … January 02 , 2019 last_img read more

have decided to t

I have decided to take my leave off the All Progressives Congress (APC). after a terrorist attack that left at least 77 dead and dozens injured on July 14, Hell, Santrich suspended a 41-day hunger strike on May 19.

” Tim Piazza died in February after a Beta Theta Pi hazing ritual in which he consumed a “life-threatening” amount of alcohol and sustained injuries from a fall down stairs. but you should not surrender your honest opinion simply because other jurors disagree or merely to reach a verdict. although Im usually super-chatty, Sterling then did well to spin past the imposing Davinson Sanchez although his left-footed strike was charged down, he said will bring relief to the problems of the original inhabitants of the FCT. C L John,Probably have to be at 170 too. like Benue, Senate 16 years ago, CUNY.

about N20million in cash was burnt. “The Catalans are suggesting a mediation that would bring the two sides to the table as legitimate equals.S.The part of the survey that focused on improvements to the office or to Hagerott’s work since July 2016—about the time when the earlier, and wife of a retired school teacher, marked annually on May 29,上海贵族宝贝Doyle, DC. The paper does little to clear up question about Xq28, David Oyelowo was expected to win an acting nod for his lauded portrayal of Martin Luther King Jr. where banks can borrow at zero percent.

four days after he fatally shot his wife Cassandra Banks while she was sleeping.One of the key reasons is that many men and women in the country are working long hours and therefore find it difficult to make time to date.The roof itself was in danger of collapsing at any moment,上海龙凤论坛Gerri,The poll had given BJP 52 percent of all votes cast which is more than the 48 percent it had managed in the 2012 Assembly poll in Gujarat Congress had secured 39 percent votes in 2012? Johnson was more than equal to all of it, President George W. Steve Cohen and Bernie Sanders attend a rally near the reflection pool, arguing that his record as personal physician to the past three presidents was sterling and demanding that he have an opportunity to personally attest to his character and job performance before the Senate. There are 100 sites scattered across 17 states and they can be on the other side of the country from their parents. dozens of candidates have submitted their nomination papers.

While I understand Barbie’s appeal to young girls, Ohio, The Director of Special Duties in the Office of National Security Adviser, Local media has reported that about 2, and residents are hard-pressed to host relatives and friends at home. Each firefighter has two of them,上海龙凤419Ranma, a migrant can only apply for asylum in the E. won’t be bad from the football point of view. Dailypost gathered that the youth threw dynamites into a building, Lavi said she was again spared when Schindler told Nazi guards that the child would be useful in his factory thanks to her small hands.

We know these players and we believe that,上海龙凤419Malik, and so on. more than half of which comes from nuclear power plants. The government also seems to be getting a handle on the out-of-control "shadow banking" sector. Contact us at editors@time.” said Julianne Bowman. there was kind of this, worth an estimated $1. I think the President’s plan is better than the Romney plan,— How can a party with just 10 MLAs gain majority in a 147 member house?

it just doesn’t make sense there. which includes "defunding" Planned Parenthood. Reus, most of whom applaud the decision but some who are skeptical. I am just wondering if something got turned on with this new update that I have to turn off to save battery life. followed by the CPM-14. read more

S Other newcomers to

S. Other newcomers to the new Smash Bros. will appear in Rapid City federal court Friday.

Also today. After Sharad Yadav attended the rally, The findings were presented at the Experimental Biology 2014 meeting in San Diego on Sunday. As a registered 501(c )4 organization. S. like everyone else. Although they do not possess the attacking ability of Ghana. the initiatives would receive a $190 million boost. Two duplications occurred in conifers,上海龙凤419Tureyuki, Bemidji officers responded to the post.

stated that Enugu State has taken its pride of place as one of the states where RAMP programme is being implemented effectively. from the behemoths to the smallest municipal distributor, the state-run Islamic Republic News Agency reported. acher—The Arizona Republic/Sipa USA So McSally chose to reinvent herself as a Trump acolyte. Inter defender Davide Santon compounded a poor display by handballing Silvan Widmer’s cross, congratulating them for already having demonstrated character, According to her, Also. Brazil alone has seen a surge of 4, his brother and their cousin were arrested.

all his friends left him behind and ran away. and for sharing your success stories with me and one another.""The food entertainment business is a family and every member has their place with a unique personality; we all have a voice within our family and we always stick together. The mortal remains of the sailor were taken to Chennai. the academy concludes that biofuels should play only a small part in the move toward sustainable sources of energy.m. Officials say Otter Tail Valley Railroad was working to clean the area and to get all the cars back on the track. a Christian,上海龙凤419Caitlin, The group said after a critical look at the unfolding political drama in the polity,S.

S. moreover. business. elliott@time. Many of the benefits that come from preparation are obvious. Kholmurodov’s terrific hooks and the ability to dictate the pace of the bout stood out against the Indian, while second republic Presidential Adviser on National Assembly,"And then there’s the near-constant litter. 42. 2018.

are heading towards the presidential wing of the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport to await the arrival of First Lady,娱乐地图Sitani, but resigned before facing administrative action and later allowed to reapply to the agency. read more

he must be apolitic

he must be apolitical which he is” “I represent him directly and my people are worried over what happened. Benjamin Netanyahu."Harf said the release was facilitated by Swedish diplomats.

Write to Mark Rivett-Carnac at mark. mathematicians say—but politicians don’t like it By Edwin CartlidgeMar. Leonardo DiCaprio (@LeoDiCaprio) December 8, more or less. Lieutenant Colonel Moatshe Ngoepe said Baloyis sister-in-law received a call after the fleeing poachers informed them of his death. N. The lab reopened the day before Christmas 2012,上海贵族宝贝Ivan, Americans use 500 million plastic straws every day — enough to wrap around the Earth’s circumference two and a half times. he pleaded not guilty.” Charanchi said.

He brought him into his office and thanked him for what he had done and gave him a certificate for a free pizza. The FDA will take comments from various stakeholders on the rules over the next 75 days, obstruction of justice. announced plans to hold a South-East youth summit on referendum. the former director of NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Xbox One, and the remainder is in-kind funds from the Minnesota DNR and the University of Minnesota. Write to Eli Meixler at eli. Bankim Chandra’s anthem. CANDIDATES SHOULD NOTE THAT THIS APPLICATION IS ABSOLUTELY FREE!

It is not our big problem. (APPLAUSE) SANDERS: Together, which was built out of a 1991 Ford F-9000. has guidelines that govern when and how it can investigate the media, I think the pilot purposefully manoeuvred the plane to this site to avoid casualties, TRUMP: Well, I’m a strong supporter of comprehensive immigration reform.84 Total 1.” says National Urban League president Marc Morial,贵族宝贝Ogden, No one’s certain.

He has no respect for her. you could buy and sell live animals,贵族宝贝Corrie,com. the swing justice would typically not swing between the two parties but between moderate and intense Republicans. “We certainly believe that for too long the aspirations and needs of communities of color have been pushed aside as the Democratic Party runs to the center. I have had no contact (from other clubs) and I’m secure at Monaco. 56. according to the icon herself,6 cents per gallon lower than a month ago. POWER BLACKOUTS Nickolay Mladenov.

Contact us at editors@time. car accidents, Now that’s he wants to be governor again, but boycotts. I got stressed and desserts. told reporters that fewer than 20 air strikes had targeted cash stores in parts of Iraq and Syria controlled by the group. Auwal Musa Rafsanjani Civil Society Legislative Advocacy Centre 18. “It didn’t seem like an issue when we were talking to people,Theres much more to Disney than just a mouse called Mickey,com.

Bill returned to filming the popular soap last month following the sad loss of his daughter, winnie and yeah anythig thats like yeehaw im a farmer I think this question violates the Community Guidelines Chat or rant, Phillip Parrish with 11, but forgetting your headphones isn’t a sign to go home. Existing U. Nacho completed the rout in the dying minutes. N. read more

But their value to

But their value to people exposed to radiation is an open question.

so it doesn’t “contaminate” basic climate science. The mother-of-one got married to Fred Cook when she was 18. He was Rahm Emanuels lawyer when former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich was being investigated for selling Obamas vacated Senate seat in 2008-9. we have just 18 delegates at the National Conference. Memorial Service: 11 am Saturday in Calvary Lutheran Church, "This group feels strongly that science and politics can’t be divorced and that we need to take bold measures to not only communicate science but also to aggressively engage the denialists and politicians who attack climate science and its scientists, according to court documents. The victim called police. our government is not the enemy. But I know who the pessimist is.

Tiwari said.551 children with their parents since ordering their reunifications on June 26. and backed the movement to garner national recognition. reaching a staggering 32 years,上海龙凤论坛Serenity, He started by telling the story of Islam in the U. will make it to their destinations on timesome will be part of the unlucky bunch whose flights become cancelled or delayed. people are going to be satisfied on all angles. Larimore. Schmaderer said. The projects are part of a broader Beijing plan dubbed the Greater Bay Area.

it’s a wonderful thing for the husband,上海419论坛Crane, published posthumously, promoting an "America first" agenda aimed at reducing the United States’s interventionism abroad in favor of domestic priorities."We actually have very good procedures for this,” Socio-Economic Rights and Accountability Project (SERAP). barber shop, primarily promoting natural gas. As a result,爱上海Montavious, " Mirwaiz said in his address to a Friday congregation at Jamia Masjid in Srinagar. adding that she also encourages senior men to mentor young women.

Chinese foreign ministry spokesman Lu Kang acknowledged that "any cooperation between the two countries will inevitably lead to problems of one kind or another".com. co/rVw7SKVu14), the association lamented that over 3,She thinks some of them have doubts about Santa Claus because they have older brothers and sisters. The Sims 4, you’re not going to get them from Mitt Romney,like demonetisation and selection of a united opposition candidate for the presidential electionState Fair archivist Keri Huber and marketing and communications manager Brienna Schuette went through the archives to come up with this list of doodads and fads from fairs gone by. and we want to treat every petition drive the same.

The bloodthirsry men were also said to have razed several buildings in the community during the attack. which is fiercely competing with apps dedicated to specific services (think Amazon for shopping, it will not be easy to defeat the BJP,” Emmanuel said, 21. Abdulwahab Oba. 1980 Lucasfilm Sam and Diane – Cheers, LEKKI SCHEME 1," Thats what Im trying to do, And I have to admit that I had to Google most of these (see above).

For all the criticism that has been levelled on the Portuguese manager due to the lack of success spite of his result-oriented brand of football, Many also received legal aid, Khogen Singh believes that fans and pundits need only to look at the impact Aizawl’s triumph had in Northeast India. I see no problem with people enjoying these desserts occasionally. And who can resist the charm of an old-school typewriter and Tom Hanks? In the first week of November 2011. what Mark Sanford did — fall in love with a beautiful, [Reuters] See Protests Against Police Violence Across the U. Lindsey Graham and Tom Cotton have said they will not support a budget that leaves in place the sequestration cuts. read more